Rabu, 03 Mei 2017

Membaca Kamu

Membaca laki-laki yang tak bicara ini adalah separuh mimpi indah separuh mimpi buruk, begitu tak pada tempatnya, begitu tak pada waktunya. Amba mencuri pandang lagi ke arah Bhisma. Apa yang sedang dipikirkannya? Apa yang direnungkannya dalam anak matanya? Kelak Amba akan menghabiskan tahun-tahunnya melakukan tafsirnya sendiri, bertolak dari apa yang telah diajarkan Bhisma kepadanya.
dikutip dari: AMBA (2012) karya Laksmi Pamuntjak 

Membaca kamu tidak pernah mudah.
Kamu tidak membiarkanku membaca kamu dengan mudah.
Namun jika memang itu keinginanmu.
Selamat ya.
Kamu berhasil.

biggest realization.....so far

I was surprised when I realized that there are so many things that I’ve missed while I was away (I lived in different city for 3 years). When I came back to Jogja and met my best friends, we talked a lot about our lives. They told me some things or occasions which I hadn’t known yet. I barely remember what those things and occasions are but some of them make me quite surprised. It is obvious because when I lived in dormitory, I had kind of a lack of information. I rarely got up-to-date news or information because the dormitory imposes a rule about the using of hand phone and other electronic things. We could only use hand phone on particular days.
Another thing that I realized is about life. Life outside is crueler than I thought. I used to think that life in the dormitory for the last 3 years was cruel, but apparently it is nothing compared to the real life that I am facing right now.

In the dormitory, I lived with so many strict rules. Some of those rules don’t even make sense, I think, and sometimes they drove me mad. However I would always obey the rules so I wouldn’t be punished. One rule that was always emphasized there is about punctuality. We, the students, had a schedule in the dormitory. We have to go to school, study, go to church, have meals, and pray together at particular time. We also have to go back to our dormitory on time after we go out for what is called “Explore Time”. If we are late, we will be summoned to the guardians (pamong) of the dormitory, and then we get infringement points. It was just that strict. When I started my life as a college student in Jogja, I found out that most people do not care about punctuality. Even on some events I found that they don’t begin on time. This always happened: I was in a hurry so that I would arrive at the place on time, but when I arrived, nothing was prepared yet. Earlier, I was really disappointed and annoyed then I started to think that this is one of the ‘cruelties’ of life. I guess that is one of the cruelties that I couldn’t deal with for a long time. Finally, I tried to embrace myself that it is common in the society, and I have to deal with it. Now, I’ve been getting used to it. Even I still think that it (the habit) should be fixed somehow.

as written on my Writing Tutorial class' assignment