Rabu, 16 April 2014

when it's rainy outside......

apa yg readers biasa lakukan/ingin lakukan saat hujan turun? :)
kebanyakan bakal menjawab... tidur.
ya, nggak apa-apa, aku juga bakal jawab tidur, hahaha :D

aku juga bayangin, makan bakso yg masih panas & minumnya teh nasgitel *tau teh nasgitel? paNAS,leGI,kenTEL haha :p* pas hujan = mantaps :9

atau... duduk di ambang jendela sambil lihatin hujan? :3 lol.

atau .... menggalau? :p ditemani lagu-lagu super-mellow?

haha, it's up to you about what will you do when it's rainy outside :D that's my opinion.
see ya :)
I've been walking through it and I don't even know what is it.
don't ask me. please.

Senin, 14 April 2014

I'm in

today is the 3rd day. already. yes.
and I'm home. after 2 months.
and what did I get? surprise! my phone number has 'died' -__________- so I decided to 'move on' to the new one.

today I met my classmates in JHS and we shared and talked a lot :3
aaaaahh sometimes I miss the past :|

and I was enchanted to meet you again. all day.
"pokoke kudu ro aku" (this statement made me smile)