Sabtu, 15 Februari 2014

for this holiday

14 'til 16th day of February 2014.
I'm home, but with ashes everywhere. ya.
idk but when I'm home since this year something unusual happened. hahaha.

I got bad 'update' about him. I should think that it's just an issue.
I've tried to remake my mindset. from (-) thinking to (+) thinking.
I've tried. ya. to trust him. always. because that's the key for a long-distance-relationship, eh?
I've tried to be not too close w my 'aspa' friends. (because his perfection always slows me down).

the bad-update was hurt me. deep. I was afraid at that time (yesterday. on Val's day hell yeah!)
I have to think that it's just an issue. he can't be like that.

but tonight. he said he will meet me the next morning.
y' know? that's all i need.

so, quote for this holiday:
dear  , I'm still into you.

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